Recent Credits only listed- please click link for full history


2017 She Shot TV- Vilash Visionz Pictures  dir Stella Dimadis ( interviewed as an actor and film maker)


2018 Heart of Fury(FF)Margarita Cogni (Support) Thirsty Films/DFUA Productions- Directed by Derek Erskine

2018 The Incredible Chronicles of Mr Pasqual (FF)Evelyn (Lead) Thirsty Films/DFUA Productions- Directed by Derek Erskine

2018 Bluebird (FF)Roberta Crowe (Support) Thirsty Films/DFUA Productions- Directed by Derek Erskine

2017 Tracy (FF) Jade Patterson (Lead Support) DFUA Productions Pty Ltd/ Thirsty Films Directed by Derek Erskine

2017 Hannah Rosenthal (SF) Hannah Rosenthal (Lead) DFUA Productions Pty Ltd/ Thirsty Films Directed by Naomi Lisner

2016 Blue Grace (FF) Evelyn (Lead Support) Venom Rat Productions Directed by Daniel Andrusiak

2016 The Lucifer Killings (FF) Barbara Tresslow Red Rock Productions Directed By Gary O’Toole

2015 Innuendo(FF)Sally (Support) Saara Lamberg directed by Saara Lamberg

2015 English Blood (SF) Julie Ritchie(Support) Directed by Darren L Downs



2016 Woman in Need, Salvation Army, Craig Buddle

2016 Mother of the Bride, National Academy of Beauty, Emma Matsuda

2016 Arc Care worker,  Arc care Print Campaign , Scott Bundy

2014 Myself Magic Hand Car wash Todd Martin Productions, Willem Dirk Du-Toit

2014 Myself Open Universities- Today is a good day Sam I am, Cory White

2014 Commuter stills campaign Public Transport Victoria, Jasper Neilson

2014 Costumer stills campaign Australia Post, JasperNeilson

2014 Mother of the bride The Wedding Black Magic Design, Richard De Silva

2014 CFA Grass Fire Warnings- LVM Enterprises, directed by Luke McDade

2013 Crown -Privilege Magazine Stills Image Shoot

2013 Australia Post- Cecelia Bedford Productions

2013 St Vincents De Paul (Print campaign and online)- Creatology dir Drew Heriot- Researcher
2012 Medibank Print Campaign – Viviens Creative Management



2015 Beyond the Barriers – Bones- Mechanics Institute Brunwick- directed by Yma Zammit- Ross

2011 Improv – Raglan St Theatre

PANTOMIME Sydney Spot the Magic Dragon


2014 CFA Grass Fire Warnings- LVM Enterprises, directed by Luke McDade

2013 Incite video for Virable Productions- role Principal- Directed by Jonathan Creek


2015 The Alex Taylor Experience- Sugar Honey Cherry Ripe ( back up singer & go go dancer) Directed by John Fox

2013 No Matter What You Say/ Imperial Teens – Art Curator- directed by Guy Franklin and Josh Gavin

2011 Sin City/The Schmidts Genero TV supporting role as dancer/guest directed Julian Lucas (Finalist)


2014Coach Small Talk Training DVD Parenting Research Centre, Jane Bennetto
2012 Episode 1- The Secrets of Effective Communication with Young People (Mother/Daughter ep) Mother- Hello Medical

2012 Equal Opportunity in the Workplace- Trained up Media- Presenter


2012 Living with the Dead- Interviewee/Interviewer  Directed by Jonathan Cabrera


2013 St Vincents De Paul- Myself- Directed by Drew Heriot

Voice Overs

2016 The Gulag Archipelago (Russian Accent) Directed/Produced By Catherine Gough- Brady