Naomi Lisner first appeared on stage at age 8 as Tinkerbell in JM Barrie’s play Peter Pan. Lisner studied voice/speech/drama with Ms Joyce Foreman from the Trinity College of London from age 7 until 14 years old. At 17 Lisner moved to the Ensemble Theatre in Sydney training with late Broadway legend Hayes Gordon. Lisner later moved to Melbourne to raise her then young family. Since living in Melbourne Lisner studied at the Melbourne Actors Lab, taken dialect lessons with Anna McCrossin Owen and studied gun and safety handling with veteran armourer John Fox.

In the past few years Lisner has performed on stage for fringe festival in Beyond the Barriers, and in August 2016 started her film company DFUA Productions Pty Ltd.

In 2017 Lisner formed Ahavah Casting with her business partner Derek Erskine who heads Thirsty Films.  They co-produce many projects, and co-produced the feature film Tracy which had it’s world premiere at the Sun Theatre in Yarraville.

After Tracy Lisner wrote a  screen play called The Imbalance. It is about two actresses in their 50’s sharing an apartment after divorce looking for working a youth obsessed industry. It is an comedy that tells things like they are in the most hysterical way. Lisner also wrote the sequel and would like to turn it into a TV series. It has been winning awards around the world including, Palm Springs, New York, Los Angeles, Cannes, Israel, Oklahoma,and Romania.

Lisner made her directorial debut with the short film she wrote called Hannah Rosenthal. The story is about an intellectually challenged woman living with her Mother a traditional Jewish woman. The film has been winning awards internationally which lead to distribution with US Film Company Intellect Films.

In 2019 Lisner directed for a second time a short film she wrote called L’Chaim set in WW2. It had it’s international premiere at the 31st Girona Film Festival in Spain in September 2019.

Lisner along with her business partner  Derek Erskine are working on many projects including Heart of Fury. The film is written and directed by Erskine who plays the coveted role of Byron.  A film which tells of the final years of Lord Byron’s life and the Greek war of Independence. Lisner is co-producing and playing the role of Margarita Cogni.

As an advocate for gender equality and diversity Lisner joined the board of WIFT Vic in 2015 for two years. Lisner is a member of the AWG (Australian Writers Guild)  and MEAA (Media Equity Australian Alliance. Lisner volunteers since inception on the  MEAA wellness Committee for two years before having to resign for work commitments.  Lisner is a  regular volunteer for VABT (Victorian Actors Benevolent Trust)and has been for many years.

Lisner just keeps going from strength to strength and its truly an exciting addition back to the performing arts and one that should be watched closely.

Lisner is represented by Profile Talent Management (Australia for acting).