Script Availability

All scripts are completed features, registered with the AWG (Australian Writers Guild). At present all screenplays are unproduced, and ready to go. Please contact Naomi directly for further information or enquiries.

Apparently So

Genre – Dramedy

He loves me he loves me not. An emotionally battered woman turns to writing never expecting her story to take the world by storm. 

The Imbalance

Genre- Romantic Comedy

Sally and Celeste are two best friends in their 50’s. After a life of raising a family, and a series of terrible dates they both return to acting and are both met with a string of rejections. A hilarious look at the film & TV industry.

The Imbalance 2 (sequel to The Imbalance)

Genre- Romantic Comedy

The adventures continue for Sally and Celeste. More drama, more laughter and more romance.

Twenty Last Summers

Genre- Dramedy/Romantic Comedy

Twenty Last Summers, a “dramedy” about a group of friends in their 50s and 60s who take stock of their lives and how they must live it to the full, while they still can. Twenty Last Summers asks the question ‘if you don’t do what you want now, when will you do it?

Waiting For The Apocalypse

Genre- Dramedy

Henry Stein is a quirky, smart, confident judge who has always put his family first, followed by money.
Henry falls for Elizabeth a struggling screenwriter.
Henry’s life is thrown into turmoil when Elizabeth is kidnapped and he is forced to re-evaluate his priorities.

Yrrem Samtsirhc From Mars

Genre – Fantasy/Holiday

With the help a fantastical newcomer from Mars, a group of children and adults learn to embrace kindness, diversity and unity in time for Christmas.

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