© Copyright 2023 Naomi Lisner

Art work is currently unframed, unless specified otherwise. Sizing looks different on pc to mobiles. All measurements in cms.

Introducing Mr Oliver, the fabulous prehistoric eccentric fashionistra (50 x 50)

Apocalyse under the sea (150 w x 60) *SOLD $3,500

Serenity (40W x 49.5)

Japanese Autumn (122W x 93)

Beautiful Ballerina ( 51.5W x61.5)

Satellite Orchid (45 W x 61)

Woman in orange (38W x 40)

Affirmation (60W x 50)

Two birds from Utah (61W x 46)

Streets lined with gold (34W x 44)

Athena Horsewoman (painting a collaboration with David Bornstein) (122W x 92)

Aquatic dance of joy ( 61W x 90)

Koenji Celebration (50W x 75)

Salvador Dali the cat, meow ((60W x 50)

The Invasion (140W x 57)

Red Dolphin (46W x 122) **Unavaliable

Golden kangaroo ( 38W x 44.5)

Mythical Fantasy ( 75W x 50)

Punjabi Delight

Moondance in New England ( 60W x 47)

Pillows of Dance (45.5 x 38)

Metamorphosis part 1 (46 x 46)

Metamorphosis part 2 (46 x 46)

Hand painted guitar

The Rainbow Fish and the Bear (in wooden frame) (80W x 60)

Moana the polynesian princess sea turtle (70W x 50)

The forrest dwellers (framed) (67W x 52)

Catasaurus in cherry blossoms ( 90W x 120)

Handpainted Guitar (Front, back and sides all hand painted)

Cosmic Heroes (122W x 92)

The Invasion (140W x 57)

Face of the Australian Bush (40w X 30)

Sunset in the Outback (40w X 30)

Australian Bush Fire (40W X 30)

Braziliian Adventure (framed in a neutral wood) 50W x 70

Heard it through the snake vine 153W x 102

Dancer with the daisy tattoo (unavailable for sale)

Prehistoric Underwater (50 x 50)

We shall dance again through the ocean (50 x 50)

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